Turkish Outlet Manufacturers and Suppliers

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ROTSAN OTOMOTIV SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Muzaffer AKYÜZ    
s threaded rods, rods, steel rods, steel rod, bolt, fasteners, connectors, shear connectors, anchor bolts, bolts, j bolts, v bolts, u bolts, square bolts, jacuzzi outlets, outlets, sofa bolts, basic anchor bolts, trapezoidal rods, trapezoidal threaded rods, pitons, off pitons, on pitons, shutter shafts, chemical anchor bolts, stud bolts, dowel pins, industrial product, fastener, connector, shear connector, rod, threaded rod, anchor bolt, j bolt, v bolt, u bolt, square bolt, jacuzzi outlet, outlet, industrial products
AK YAPI ELEKTRIK ELEKTRONIK PROJE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa Kartal    
s aluminium group outlet, aluminum block wall outlet, crystal chandeliers, mdi, office automation block, outlet, pdi, plug block system, rack cabinet
ILKER KONFEKSIYON        Türkiye     Halil YILDIRIM    
s abesan children's coats, abesan principle, baby coat, black moods, capris, cargo shorts, cashmere coats, cheap coats, children's coats, clothing, coat, coats, jacket, jackets, ladies coat, lcw coat, leather coats, linen pants, men's coats, outlet, promotional coat, quilted jackets, raincoats, seal coat, sport coat, textiles, the garments, wholesale coat
SHANTOU JUNDA INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD.        Çin     Sunny Ye    
s socket, power supply, electric, outlet
MUDO SATIS MAGAZALARI A.S        Türkiye         
s trade, trading, sales outlet, outlet
s cable ties, cord end terminal, cable strap, connector, tube, mechanical tools, mechanical hand tools, plug socket, outlet, electric outlet, socket
Polimelt Plastik Ltd Sti        Türkiye     Ilker cetinkaya    
s hose, pipe, corrugated, inlet, outlet
ASEL TICARET        Türkiye         
s socket, plug socket, outlet, electric outlet, jack
SIMON ELEKTRIK MALZEMELERI A.S.        Türkiye         
s electric materials, interior lighting, indoor lighting, plug socket, outlet, electric outlet